Keolis Canada uses state-of-the-art industrial expertise. In terms of operations, maintenance and network security, Keolis Canada is implementing the best practices for moving thousands of passengers on a daily basis.



Keolis Canada has unique Canadian expertise thanks to the diversity of its operations.


Keolis Group is the world leader in light rail operations. Keolis Grand River has been selected to operate and maintain the ION light rail network connecting the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario.



2 cities served, 19 stations, 19 km route, 15 vehicles

As part of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Keolis Grand River was contracted through the GrandLinq consortium to operate (minimum 10 years) and maintain (30 years) the system. The Region’s Grand River Transit (GRT) department retains direct bus operation, light rail fare collection and customer service while developing an integrated transit network that includes light rail, express bus, local bus and paratransit.

Keolis Grand River has been actively supporting the implementation of this new system since 2014. During the Design and Construction phase, our technical expert team reviewed hundreds of design packages, safety and security plans and operating procedures to ensure the system meets our operational requirements.

We’ve partnered with the Region to support dozens of community engagement events/ initiatives and to develop a safety outreach plan to educate the public on light rail safety messaging. We’re currently in the final stages of testing and commissioning.

In Québec, Keolis Canada operates an extensive urban and intercity transportation network. In total, 10 million passengers use Keolis Canada’s coach and bus services every year.

pictos_keolis_lot_1-13_1.png A network of over 2,500 km, 400 vehicles, 27 million km travelled


Keolis Canada is the initiator of an unprecedented transportation offering in Canada in the form of a new first and last kilometre service on open tracks, experimenting with the 100% electric autonomous shuttle from our partner Navya, which should start in 2018 in Québec .

First long-term demonstration project of an autonomous shuttle on public roads in Canada. More information at:



Keolis Canada strives to provide a safe, smooth and efficient travel experience. Drivers undergo regular training sessions to be able to cope with the most difficult road conditions. Our goal is zero accidents.



Keolis Canada supports its performance with preventive maintenance management to optimize its fleet of vehicles and their reliability through regular inspections and repairs. As part of its objectives for operational excellence, it aims to maintain the integrity, sustainability, reliability and availability of equipment safely and at the lowest possible cost.



The Keolis group is committed to its policy of sustainable development. As early as 2004, the Group joined the UN Global Compact initiative, the largest international initiative of voluntary commitment to sustainable development. Keolis was the first passenger transportation group to be certified to ISO 14001 for its environmental policy and to have obtained the GEEIS label for its overall policy on diversity and inclusion, and its actions in favour of gender equity and equality.

Electric vehicles, eco-driving, fuel, water and electricity consumption reductions, recycling, collection of hazardous waste, oils and hydrocarbons in a safe manner, Keolis Canada commits to do a little more every day to protect the environment.

Keolis Canada provides a safe and pleasant work environment and is also committed to the health and quality of life of its employees and promotes balance between work and personal life.