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Keolis Commuter Services operates the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s 14 commuter rail lines serving the Greater Boston region and Rhode Island. Since Keolis began operations in 2014, the Commuter Rail’s on-time performance and reliability are better than ever, contributing to its best in the nation ridership return. 

As the nation’s fifth-busiest rail system, MBTA Commuter Rail serves nearly 90,000 passengers on weekdays.

Learn more about Keolis rail operations here.

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Keolis Commuter Services by-the-numbers:

  • 173 Cities and Towns served in Massachusetts

  • 388 Route Miles

  • 141 Stations 

  • 2,400 Employees, 14 Unions 

  • 518,000 Weekly Passengers 

  • 80% Ridership Return Post-COVID (achieved April 2023) 

  • 92.48% on-time performance (OTP) within 5 minutes in 2022 


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