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Keolis assumed operations and maintenance of the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County’s fixed route operations in Reno, Nevada.  We are responsible for all aspects of operation and maintenance of these services, requiring a fleet of 75 vehicles, 26 of which are Proterra electric vehicles.

Keolis is also responsible for maintaining the client-owned facility and bus shelter/stop maintenance of more than 1,000 bus stops, transit center maintenance, and maintenance of the LEED-certified transit stations. 


The RTC plans to eventually convert to an all-electric fleet and incorporate new transportation modes into its network to improve and expand service offerings for the community.

In close collaboration with the RTC, Keolis welcomes the opportunity to support the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, which includes fostering safe and healthy communities, incorporating more sustainable transportation options, increasing passenger travel choices, and supporting economic development and diversification in Washoe County.

2019_Reno_Bus_Pull Out