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Innovation for Rail

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Thames Electric

Safer Rails with Acoustic Monitoring

Keolis Commuter Services in Boston uses the RailBAM bearing acoustic monitoring system to ensure the health of rail bearings and to prevent potential catastrophic events. Any unusual sounds trigger alerts, allowing our maintenance team to take action before bearings overheat or break.

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From Tap H20 to Eco-Friendly Sanitizer

Keolis identified and implemented an environmentally conscious and remarkably efficient cleaning solution for VRE. The innovative approach involves passing tap water through a PathoSans machine, transforming it into a sanitizing cleaning solution. This reduces reliance on traditional supplies, prevents the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and saves VRE $24k annually.

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Investing in Innovation


Annual miles travelled using alternative energies in 2022


Goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030


ISO 14001 coverage rate for Keolis locations worldwide


Reduced paper printing at North American rail terminals

Abdellah Chajai at Climate Beacon Boston 2023
Abdellah Chajai

Resiliency & Sustainability

Keolis plays a key role in facilitating the transition to more sustainable and climate resilient rail operations. We help our agency partners identify real, actionable ways to reduce their carbon footprints, backed by data. Here are just a few examples:

  • Installation of sensing technology to reduce fuel consumption
  • Recommendations for locomotive fuel alternatives, including biofuels
  • Identification of federal funding opportunities for green initiatives
  • Support transitioning to electric train operation and maintenance
  • Strategic planning for extreme weather events

Prepared for Extreme Weather

From flash floods to blizzards to class-5 tornadoes, the Keolis Rail team uses the most advanced technologies and strategic planning to keep our railroads, passengers, and people safe.  


Modernizing Rail

Keolis is committed to leveraging data and technology to improve public transit services and ensure passenger satisfaction. Here are a few initiatives that spotlight our investment in innovation:

  • Smart video cameras used to measure occupancy
  • Augmented reality helps guide passengers during construction
  • Contactless ticket readers available to wheelchair users
  • QR codes for passengers to buy and validate tickets
  • Onboard payment systems
“We bring innovation and forward thinking to everything we do. Our innovation efforts are the foundation for performance improvements and it shows throughout
our network.” Kay O’Neil, Chief of Network Strategy, KCS