- Case Study -


In partnership with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada, Keolis Evolve identified the true mobility needs in the region and evaluated how well RTC's current transit service meets those needs.

The study resulted in recommendations such as new service options in four underserved areas, changes to existing routes, and opportunities for new ways to attract riders.


In July 2013, Keolis began operating the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada’s fixed-route bus services.

With RTC, we reviewed mobility trends in the Las Vegas area to evaluate current service and see how resources could be maximized to promote service access for all populations.

Previously, it had been difficult to determine who was taking transit and where they were going.

Through Evolve, we determined the proportion of residents and nonresidents using transit service at different points throughout the week.

This, along with several other findings, led to deeper insights to improve service access for all riders.

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Keolis Evolve partnered with the RTC to analyze mobility demand and mode usage, travel breakdowns, and major trip generators.

Key findings included:


of all trips in a typical week are completed by residents


of all weekly trips in the Valley could be completed on RTC’s services