Giving transit agencies better insight to address evolving mobility demands


Helping Public Transit Agencies Deliver Results

CJ Bright, our Director of Evolving Mobility, discusses the challenges many public transit agencies face and how Keolis Evolve helps agencies gain a deeper understanding of their transit systems and opportunities for sustainable, equitable growth. 



Solving the Complex Challenges of Today's Public Transit Agencies

Keolis Evolve uses actionable data insights to identify how people are moving throughout the community. It provides agencies with innovative solutions to better allocate existing resources.

We evaluate new service models and travel patterns, measure market share, and assess the effectiveness of current systems. This leads to improved metrics, insights, and solution recommendations for public transit agencies. 

When partnering with Keolis Evolve, public transit agencies will uncover insights that lead to informed decisions based on up-to-date data—improving the passenger experience.

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Case studies


Greensboro, NC

In January 2019, Keolis began operating the Greensboro Transit Authority’s (GTA) fixed-route bus and paratransit services.



Las Vegas, NV

In July 2013, Keolis began operating the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s (RTCSN) fixed-route bus services.



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