Energy Transition in Public Transportation

Considerations for agencies as they make the move towards more equitable and sustainable networks.

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Chapter 1

U.S. Public Transit Systems. Changes. Trends. Opportunities.

Chapter 2

International Best Practices
Luring People From Their Cars

Chapter 3

Luring People From Their Cars
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Chapter 4

Switching Fuels

Chapters one through four AvaiLABLE NOW

Chapters 1-4 explore the current landscape of public transit in the United States and Canada, why now is the time to decarbonize, how to make transit competitive with driving, and what alternative energy options exist in different markets.

Things you'll learn:

  • Trends in passenger vehicle miles.
  • What are other countries are already doing to make their transportation system sustainable and more attractive.
  • Key behaviors in capturing passenger market share.
  • Regulatory impacts of adopting new fuel technologies.