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Keolis sees public transit as something more than taking our passengers from A to B. It connects us to the people and places that matter.

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Creating the Mobility Solutions of the Future

Public transportation empowers us to broaden our horizons, follow our dreams, and connect to more people, places, and possibilities. No matter where we want to go next — it is always the way forward. 

For more than 100 years, Keolis has been leading the transit industry onwards to a future where journeys are safer, technologies are sustainable, cities are livable, and successes are shared.


What We Do

Multi-modal solutions to meet the unique transportation needs in a community.


From fixed route and community shuttles to school transportation, providing safe and reliable service for public transit agencies across North America.


Providing high-quality, accessible services for those who need an alternative to fixed route due to disability.

Light Rail

Helping design, test, and operate light rail is one of Keolis' specialties as the operator of North America's newest light rail service.

Regional Rail

Carrying over 470 million passengers each year across the globe, Keolis is a leader in regional rail, and the largest heavy rail operator in the U.S.


Bringing reliable, accessible, and efficient solutions that meet the immediate demands for transit in a community. 

Connected Mobility

Providing public transit agencies with actionable insights through Keolis Evolve to align their systems to the true mobility needs of the community.

Mobility Design Services

Providing public transit agencies with actionable insights through Keolis Evolve to align their systems to the true mobility needs of the community.

Autonomous Mobility

Delivering global expertise for shared autonomous mobility solutions that enhance existing public transit networks.

More Ways. More Life.

Imagining new ways to get from here to better.


The well-being of our passengers, employees, and communities always comes first. We’re constantly assessing and evolving our training methods, processes, and technologies to uphold our unparalleled safety record.

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We recognize that transit is inherently about bringing people together — and the more unique perspectives we can connect, the greater our potential to succeed. That’s why we’re proactive about making diversity and inclusion a priority at every level of our organization.


Customer Service

We’re dedicated to understanding the complex needs and expectations of our passengers. Their satisfaction is what fuels us on our constant mission to improve performance and create exceptional customer experiences.

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With decades of experience at the forefront of our industry, we’re proud to continually push transit onwards. We rise to the challenges of today’s complex transportation systems to make way for safer, more enjoyable journeys tomorrow.

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Everything we do is driven by our bold ambitions to create the mobility solutions of the future. We’re passionate about investing in our communities so they're even better than we found them, which is why we’ll never stop imagining new ways to get from here to better.



As we map out the future of transit, we’re careful to consider our every move. Serving as pioneers of sustainability, we’re dedicated to forging new — and more environmentally-friendly — paths for transit.

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